Write to Your MP

The campaign to help 3,000 child refugees on their own in Europe is supported by politicians and activists across political Parties.

By writing to your MP you will let them know that the people they represent in Parliament support Britain doing its bit for child refugees.  

Find your MP and their email address here.


Let your MP know that:


  • As your MP you want them to support the Alf Dubs amendment to the Immigration Bill when it returns to the House of Commons on the 25th April.


  • Child refugees who have fled conflict and persecution and are now alone with no one to look after them. 


  • Lord Alf Dubs was one of 10,000 Jewish children that Britain rescued from the Nazis through the Kindertransport. Now Alf is calling for Britain to show the same values by helping child refugees who are on their own in Europe today.


  • Save the Children estimate there are at least 26,000 unaccompanied child refugees in Europe at terrible risk of being trafficked into slave labour or prostitution. Europol figures estimate 10,000 lone child refugees have already disappeared in Europe and with children’s homes in Italy and Greece full, and hundreds of children remaining without any protection in the Calais Jungle, many are simply disappearing. No one country can do this alone - we should be one of the countries who agrees to help.


  • Children are dying in Europe as a result of this crisis. At the beginning of this year a fifteen year-old boy Masud died, suffocated in the back of a lorry trying to reach his sister who is a British citizen, living in London. We should not wait until children have risked their lives jumping trains or in the back of lorries to reach the UK in order to provide help.


  • Britain has a proud history of helping those fleeing persecution and conflict. In 1939 we were the only country that didn’t stand by but established the Kindertransport to help children fleeing persecution in Europe. 


  • MPs from all parties spoke out in Parliament and called on the Government to help the Kindertransport and all of us are proud that they did so. Let them know you want them to be one of the MPs who speaks out now to support Alf Dubs' amendment and to help child refugees in urgent need again today.