Support the call for Britain to help 3,000 child refugees alone in Europe.


3,000 Child Refugees

According to Save the Children 26,000 children are alone in Europe as a result of the refugee crisis.

Some arrived here alone, their parents having died in conflict back home or en route to Europe. Many have family here in the UK who could look after them.

All of these children need urgent support and protection.

Europol estimate that as many as 10,000 children have simply disappeared in Europe as a result of the crisis, many have been trafficked into slave labour and prostitution.

The reception centres and children’s homes in Greece and Italy are full and children are simply disappearing in the chaos. Children are sleeping rough, exposed to disease and abuse and taking desperate risks to try and reach safety.

And it's not only in Greece and Italy where children are in urgent need. Charities have identified at least 700 unaccompanied children and teenagers in the Calais jungle some as young as 11 years old. Many of them have family in the UK - but the legal process to reunite them takes months.

This year two teenagers have died trying to reach family here in the UK from Calais. Mohammed died in Oxfordshire beneath the wheels of the lorry he had clung to for hours. Masud who was just 15, died in the back of a lorry trying to reach his sister.

The Vote

In 1939 Britain rescued 10,000 children from the Nazis through the Kindertransport. Labour’s Alf Dubs was one of the children brought to safety, and his amendment to the Immigration Bill called on the Government to do the same for vulnerable child refugees in Europe today.

The Government initially opposed the amendment, however after a huge public campaign they eventually agreed that Britain would provide resettlement to a specified number of unaccompanied child refugees in France, Greece and Italy.

On May 10th Parliament voted overwhelmingly for Alf Dubs’ amendment calling for Britain give refuge to 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees from Europe. You can read the whole debate here.

Next Steps

Write to your MP

In 1939 MPs of all Parties supported the Kindertransport.

We must not look back in decades to come and regret we hadn't done more to stop the suffering, trafficking and deaths of child refugees in Europe today.

This is above Party politics. Urge your MP to stand up for our values on 25th April and vote for Alf Dubs' amendment to help child refugees in Europe.




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Volunteer Locally

Across the country local communities have set up volunteer efforts to provide help for refugees in the UK, Europe and the region.

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